What else should I look at? 1998 Chevy Blazer ZR2

  • 1998 CHEVROLET

Well here I go AGAIN! My Blazer is going back to the shop for more work. As some of you already know, fuel pump, EGR valve, 4x4 issues, hood latch, door handle, alternator, heater core ( which I'm not even going to deal with until Sept) you get the drift.
Well now pulled codes for all O2 sensors, MAF, and I love this one P0300---random/multiple cylinder misfire! When the guy was looking under the hood and asking me if I had over 160,000 miles on her I said NO try only 76,000 miles and he was like DAMN GIRL bad luck? HAHAHAHA NOOOO not me with this POS! But he also noticed my coil is fried. So lets add that along with the clutch switch! So I went and cleaned my engine before she goes in tomorrow and decided to check all my fluid levels, the battery had 3 dry cells, and I couldn't get my radiator cap off to save my soul so I asked this guy if he could help and when he finally got it off :shock: OH MY GOD it should be pink in color yeah right it is rust colored with a bunch of thick looking gunk, that's why I couldn't get the cap off my self. What's weird is I always looked into my over flow and that looks fine, she never has over heated but now I'm afraid if I do a flush what issues will that cause me? I have heard once you do a flush on these the water pump goes not long after because the DEX COOL shit breaks down the gaskets. :Oops:
:evil: SAD SAD Blazer, the only reason I can even afford to get anything done is the place I purchased it from is doing the work and adding the total to the end of my loan, and I just figured out I already paid 5200 with my down payment and monthly payments and as of today my balance is standing at 10,250---- because of the past work added on, this IS NOT including how much tomorrow's bill will add on! I need a tissue :cry:
So should I have them check anything else while they have her?

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, May 16th, 2006 AT 12:58 PM

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