Power Steering problem - PS pump, Rack, what is it?


Ok, first of all, I know nothing about cars. I am getting my brother to fix my car rightnow, but here is the jist of what was going on:

I had a problem with my car making noise when I first started it, then it would go away. It would make the noise more when it was cold, then when it warmed up, it would go away. So, we replaced the power steering pump last year. It was better, but it still made the noise on occassion.

Noise is like a loud grinding errrrrr noise, and it gets more "rubby" when turned to each side. I thought it sounded like a rubbing belt.

Now this winter, it starts the noise again! And worse this time and taking longer to go away. Then I drive somewhere, it doesn't stop and I lose my power steering altogether.

Buy new power steering pump, and brother installs it. Turns fine for a little while, then starts spitting the fluid back up through the pump. Didn't need to buy new pump, old one worked fine the whole time!

He looks under the car, and says the boot is busted and/or a faulty valve on the rack.

New rack and pinion and hoses, brother installs them, turns fine for a couple min, and fails again.

Now what? :Cry:

Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, January 6th, 2006 AT 8:29 PM

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