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OK I have '98 Chevy cavalier. 98,000 miles A few months ago I was going out of town. When I got half way to my destination, My car started to run hot. So I stopped put some coolant in it and kept going. About 30 minutes to an hour later it began to run hot again. So I stopped again and put some more coolant in it. Not even 10 minutes later it started running hot again and when I stopped the coolant went every where(under the car). I was in place with no cell signal w/ small kids so I had to get this car to work. Put more coolant in as I was going down the road it started to make a knocking sound on the right hand side of the motor and my thermoater went from hot to cold in almost a blink of an eye. It did that about 3 or 4 times till I decieded to pull to side of the road. Once I did that it could try to crank but wouldn't start. I've had it looked at and they said I needed another timing chain. But I hate to spend money on a timing chain and I actually need another motor. Please help!

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Thursday, October 26th, 2006 AT 3:17 AM

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