1997 Z28 Camaro 5.7 six speed

  • 1997 CHEVROLET

I have a 1997 z28 six speed rag top. My problem is the engine is running hotter than normal to me. It will get up to 240 to 260 while driving and will climb to the red zone when idling.
I recently flushed the radiator four times and still got what looked like rusty water out, and let it cool down. After bleeding the air out I took off the radiator cap and restarted the engine and in about thirty secods or so the antifreeze came gushing out of the radiator and would go up and down like old faithful, shooting two to three inches or more out of the top of the radiator I checked the temp immeadiatly and it was rising fast and furious as this was going on and what appeared to be steam was coming out also. I have a reverse flow water pump and see no reason for the gusher other than a blown head gasket, cracked head or block.I also capped it and ran it till it was starting to get hot and left it cool down and didnt lose a lot of water but it did go down enough to activate the low level sencer. I thought about pulling one plug out at a time and restarting to see if I could pin point the pressure biuld up from either one side or the other or a particular cylinder. Any suggestions or thoughts I know the 5.7's arenot famous for blowing head gaskets but feel this is the right direction to go in with out spending money on it yet :

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Wednesday, May 10th, 2006 AT 1:52 PM

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