1997 Chevrolet



June, 14, 2006 AT 7:36 PM

I own a 1997 Chevy Tahoe 4dr. 4x4 with a 3.73 gear ratio rear differential and 120,000 on truck total with about 20,000 on new engine. I tried to get an alignment but was told that the rear end was bent and was causing my tires to wear unevenly in the rear. I was going to replace with a junkyard rear end but they want a minimum of $1250 for the rear end minus gears. I have found a rear end from a 1996 GMC Yukon 4dr 4x4 but it has 3.42 gear ratio. I was wanting to know if I could go ahead and replace the bent chevy rear end with the straight GMC rear end and either A. Use my 3.73 gears in the GMC rear end B. Have to change up my gear ratio for my front diff and tranny to use the 3.42 gears or C. Put the GMC rear end in and just change my entire gear ratio professionally. Or D? I run bigger than stock wheels and might even go a little bigger (~33" ) so whichever gear ratio would be best I would like to go for, even if it means some adjusting. Thank you for your help.


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