2001 Monte Carlo ss dianostic codes p90742 P1811?


I have a 2001 chevy monte carlo ss v6 3800 ocassionaly after a long drivre my car jerks while applying the gas pedal when the car cools down it nolonger jerks recently I changes the spark plugs/wires catlic converter exhaust and did a tune up I have a friend to check the codes and he received two(2) p0742 TCC SYSTEM STUCK ON and p1811 MAXIMUM ADAPT AND LONG SHIFT
TSB #020730039E -- FIRM TRANSMISSION SHIFTS, SHUDDER/CHUGGLE, TRANSMISSION WON'T DOWNSHIFT ON DECELERATION, SERVICE ENGINE SOON LIGHT ILLUMINATED, DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE P0742 SET. *TT UPDATE. *TT (NHTSA ID #10004756, AUGUST 01 2005) qusetion what are these codes and what actions do we need to take to clear this problem thank you in advance for any advice given regaurding this problem

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Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 AT 4:50 PM

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