1997 Chevrolet Lumina



June, 27, 2008 AT 11:18 AM

Engine Cooling problem
1997 Chevy Lumina 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 195000 miles

When driving on the highway, the temperature is normal but when I exit and slow down, the car overheats. I pulled over and noticed antifreeze gushing from under the hood so I popped the trunk. It was coming from the reserve tank. I did notice earlier that the reserve was too full.(I just bought this car, first highway trip) Now, the excess coolant is out, it is at the right levels. The car cooled and I got back on the highway to continue, got caught in traffic and had to slow down, the car overheated again. I pulled off and heard a strange sound, once again popped the hood and found the antifreeze in the reserve tank boiling. It wasn't leaking anywhere, just boiling in the tank like a pressure cooker. Where should I start here to find the problem? My auto knowledge is pitiful but I can't afford a mechanic. Anything I can check or replace myself that doesn't require more than a Chilton manual and basic tools?
EDIT: just ran the car until it overheated. When I initially started it, the radiator fans were on. After about 5 minutes, they shut off and didn't turn back on again. I waited about 10 minutes, they never came back on and the car overheated. I turned it off, restarted it to see if the fans would turn back on, they didn't. Why would they work upon initial startup and quit when the car got hot? What should I check here?


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June, 27, 2008 AT 11:40 AM

Do the fans stay on when AC is on?
Check temp sender and fan relay.
Let me know



July, 29, 2008 AT 5:00 PM

I also have a chevy lumina with the same problem except my fans always work. But your car overheats and the coolant leaks could be due to an intake leak which is a very common problem for the chevy model. It can be a little pricey to fix but I usually keep water in my car until I can save up the money to get it fixed. I don't have to put water in it often maybe every two weeks or so. I hope this helps

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