1993 Chevrolet Lumina



December, 31, 2008 AT 2:34 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1993 Chevy Lumina 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 157+ miles

My 93 lumina euro 3.1 liter will start and run good until it gets warm. The cooling fan don't seem to want to turn on and then the engine acts like it is starving for gas and dies. If I try to restart it right away it wont. I need to let it sit for 30 minutes or so and then it starts and runs fine until it gets warm again. I have changed the fuel filter, thermostat (needed it anyway) and the air filter. Self diagnostic test came up with codes 33 & 35 and the cooling fan also came on as soon as I inserted the paper clip for the test. Is that normal? Any ideas? Temp sensor maybe?


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December, 31, 2008 AT 3:27 PM

What you are describing are classic signs of a failing ignition module.



January, 4, 2009 AT 5:15 PM

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It is bolted to the side of the engine and has 3 coils attached to it.
Some people call the entire assembly a "coil pack"

It should cost $100 or less at most auto part stores.

A lot of part stores have a machine that can test modules, but would probably test GOOD setting there on the test bench, because it's not 200 degrees like it is when on your running engine.

So to test it, carry a timing light with you in the car.
The next time your car dies, connect the timing light
and lay it on the engine pointed at the windshield.

(Make sure the trigger is set to flash the light, some lights have to have the trigger depressed to work, if that's the case you can wrap tape around it a couple of times to keep it held in.)

now try to start the car, if flashes then the ICM is working, if it doesn't flash then you dont have spark. And the ICM would be the most likely failed part.

Good luck

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