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January, 9, 2006 AT 11:30 PM

I have a 2002 Buick Park Avenue. And I have several questions.

The car has 74,000 miles on it, I bought it with 35Kon it. I do a lot of driving because I love the car so much. Im a very spirited driver and bought it while working for the dealer. I do a lot of fast conering. And I got the model with special suspension to handle it. I do a lot of HOURS ON END driving. A lot of full throttle acceleration as well.

Now I am a nurse so I am ALWAYS working. And have let the cars basic maintence go down hill. And Im having a issue. And wondering if basic maintence will fix it. I pamper the inside and outside with exspensive cleaning products and often clenaing. But the engine and what not I dont have the time to do. Or they are closed when I get home. Working for the dealer I know its terrible. Btu I do it.

1- The car is losing some power.
2- The brakes are pulsating when slowing down now. And never did before. If I get them washed it will stop it. But it comes back.
3- After long LONG extended use the car starts whining. AT a idle it whines. And I cant figure out exactly WHY its whining but it does. It actually sounds like the belt is slightly whining. Then I think maybe the air filter is whining. The car rides fine. And the engine and everything sounds fine. Another thing I noticed is if I stop it from a dead stop even after running for 5 minutes it will whine.

Someone told me that the belt needs to be changed. And because of how much I beat the engine it could be getting lose and whining more, ESP more after romping the motor because of the heat and stretching.

I was also told the filter is clogged. But then why doesnt it do it all the time.

What do you think this whine could be? The steering sounds fine, and feels fine. And it doesnt do it when turning or anything. I know what power steering motors sound like its definately not that. Oh well

1- the whining sound after heavy use
2- the pulsating brakes ( also the brake light blinks now if I slam on my brakes)

they are my two problems.



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January, 10, 2006 AT 5:46 PM

Whining- could be the filter or the front pump in the trans. I would try the service 1st. The pulsating is from warped rotors, caused by overheating



January, 11, 2006 AT 12:34 AM

How about the belt? I can definately hear some slight whining from the belt that was never there.

That whining sound DEFINATELY whines more after romping the engine. I had the car running for a while today before work. And the motor sounded fine. Then I got to a red light and did a set of three dead stop 0-80 accelerations. When I finally slowed down the motor was doing that odd whining. When I went into work and came back to the car I hit the remote start and let it do its course of 15 minutes, and it sounded fine. Drove home doing 85 the whole way. Got stopped by a trooper ( nursing is great. Free from many tickets) I did some beating on the engine at already 85. Evem went over 100. And once again after heavy beating like that the motor was whining.

It seems pretty much the motor only whines when I romp the hell out of it. Or drive for HOURS UPON HOURS.

Dont know if that helps.


I got the car washed, and had the underbody done and the brakes were smooth as butter. Stopping the car nice and smooth. However on my way home from work I came flying over a backroad and someone had MANGLED a deer in the middle of the road, I locked them up and went off the road through snow and mud. I got the car out of that mess, got out and someone else was going like a bat out of hell and tried hitting their brakes and ended up hitting the deer, and it was a acura which of course is lower then a buick so he grabbed the deer and drug that deer down the road. It sounded awful. Anyways I got out got my gloves and moved the deer. Got back in and sure as can be they were pulsating again.

So I've made it for sure that

Brakes Only dirty.

Whining 6 hours of straight driving, or excessive beating on the motor.

Still think its the same thing.? If so. How much is that pump your talking about? And if its whats broke is their any other signs to look for?

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