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This is my first time on here and I am really hoping that someone can help me. First of all, My lovely Corsica kept chugging on me acting as if it needed to shift into another gear. After about a week of that I drove about 13kms and then shut off the car. About 2.5 hrs later I went back to my car and tried to start it, but of course she decided to misbehave and not start. After about 20mins of pumping the gas she finally started chugging really bad and blowing completely black smoke out of the tail pipe. I drove again about another 5kms and she stalled. I restarted her and my exhaust turned cherry red. I immediately took her to a garage and was told that my computer died, o2 sensor, catalytic converter, MAP sensor, Idle control sensor, and the coil pack needed to be replaced. So low and behold I paid for the work to be done. The day I picked my car up from the garage my car worked awesome for about 2 hrs. Then all of a sudden all the guages went crazy saying that I was going 175kms per hour when I was travelling 50kms per hour. She then died on the side of the road. I tried several times to start her but there was no hope. After having her towed once again I found out that I needed a battery and alternator. So I replaced them new. 2 days later they died again. So I returned the parts and replaced them again. 2 days later, DEAD! So now it has been three months and I am slowly checking every wire for a burn hole or wear marks to see if it is grounding out somewhere. I have changed the ground cable from the block to the firewall. I have replaced the starter tonight and put a new battery and alternator in also. I am in hopes that the mystery is over. By the way my car is a 1991 Chev Corsica 3.1 V6 air, cruise, pwb. Everything else is mint and I would like to fix her. She has been a very faithful part of my life and I would hate to give up on her. Please Help me. If you have any suggestions please feel free to send them to me. I would greatly appreciate them.

Monday, January 2nd, 2006 AT 9:00 PM

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Thanks for the advice! I removed my stereo and my cigarette lighter to check the wiring so far nothing wrong there. I have been under the hood looking at all the wires that I can see that don't have any plastic casings on them so far they are good also. What do you think of removing the carpet and checking under it? I figure that when the catalytic converter turned red hot it could of melted something there! Also, when the computer was changed, if it was the wrong one would that cause the charging system to act funny?

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Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 AT 12:08 AM

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