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I have a 94 Pontiac Grand Am, 105,000 miles. I have a right rear ABS that went bad on my car 3 years ago, but the regualr brakes are working properly. This caused my ABS light and my Brake light on the dash to come on. I have no issues with the brakes working, it is just hte ABS brakes are not working.

I had this car inspected twice since the light has come on, but now the garage is claiming the brake light (not the ABS) light cannot be on. There have been no changes to the inspection requirements in PA since this problem occurred, but now the garage will not pass the car for inspection. There is nothing wrong with my car, I just did not want to put in another $550 into the car for the ABS repair when the garage just charged me $500 to fix my brake pads and rotors. They would not inspect my car when I had the $500 repairs done, now they want more money to fix somethign that doesn't need to be repaired to pass inspection.

Can you give me any ideas on how to have the Brake light turn off so my car would be able to pass inspection?

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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006 AT 9:54 AM

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Please post in the correct forum. The moderators in each forum are more familiar with that brand of vehicle

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Friday, February 10th, 2006 AT 1:57 PM

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