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January, 3, 2006 AT 9:19 PM

I have a Grand Caravan 1998 of which I am very satisfied. However I am having problem with the instruments cluster and the automatic door lock. The speedometer, the mph, the fuel, temperature, low fuel light, transmission indicator gauges used to work intermitently. Now they stopped working including the cruise control and the horn. Last February I had the car checked at the dealer. For $351.00 they had disconnected and reconnected the gauge pack cluster to have the instruments work for a few days. When the instruments are working it seems that they became defective whenever I open the passenger doors before I start the car or after a rain. Sometimes the A/C, defrost control as well as the base, mid and treb lights come on intermitently for a few seconds. I am hesitant to go back to the dealer and they did suggest that if the problem reoccurs to change the gauge pack cluster which cost $400.00. If the cluster must be changed could I buy a used one?
This is what hapenned and some suggestions. I still need some help to solve this problem:

1. The ABS brake light came on and stayed on.
> 2. The service engine light came on and stayed on.
> 3. The P-R-D-3-L light went out and stayed out, that is, when we drove the car at night, we could not see the PRD3L.
> 4. The electronic trip odometer went out and stayed out.
> 5. All the gauges were pegged at zero.
> 6. Even the cruise control and the horn stopped working at the end.

Then I replaced the BCM / body computer this morning with a used one for $100 (another $20 with the credit) and that got the gauges and the diagnostics feature working. I have codes 12, 37, and 55, which I understand the first and last are normal.


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2CarPros Ken

January, 4, 2006 AT 3:16 PM

It sounds like you have a shorted system ground.



January, 7, 2006 AT 10:45 AM

How do I check that shorted ground?

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