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Common Mazda 323 Related Problems

Question: 1995 Mazda 323 mileage 162000: My Mazda has developed a really annoying engine fault. When the engine is cold and running on choke (or whatever fuel injection engines do) it runs fine. But as the engine warms up and it comes off choke it coughs and splutters, the engine floods and then it dies. It then refuses to restart - the engine turns over but makes no attempt start. After leaving it for 20-30 minutes it will reluctantly start and then once it's up to temperature it doesn’t miss a beat. Alas I am quite confident of doing a 300 mile journey without any problems but know that if I just want to pop to the shops round the corner the 323 will breakdown. My local garage have tried replacing the distributor cap, rotor arm, HT leads, choke sensor, air flow sensor, coil and ignition sensor - none of which have resolved the problem. My friendly mechanic is now lost for ideas and suggested that I ask you friendly folk for help. Please help - I love my 323 but it’s worthless if I can't fix this problem.

Answer: Scan the computer for fault codes. We suspect that you have a faulty coolant sensor. Also check the rubber air intake boot for cracks.

I have the same problem with my car, (not THAT bad; see ps at bottom), and would like to know if changing the coolant sensor actually helped. How can I have feedback on the advice?


ps: I figured my problem is worst when it's humid or when the car was not used for a few days.

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