Automatic Transmission


1989 Chevy Corvette Coupe
Automatic Transmission
110,000 miles
L98 5.7L TPI V8 Engine
Daily operator

The transmission does not engage 3rd or OD gears. The transmission stick moves fine and can be placed on all shift positions, but the transmission itself won't engage more than 2nd gear. What's exactly causing it? Is this electronic problem or mechanical trouble? Any suggestion as to what might be wrong and what I have to do to fix it?

What I checked:
Transmission fluid level was okay, but the color was a bit brown and has little bit of burnt smell. I checked the throttle body cable which was also okay.

Detailed symptoms:
This one day I was driving back home, I sat on a very heavy traffic jam. I was on close to or on idle for nearly 2 hours, and it was a hot summer afternoon. Before the traffic jam, I was driving at highway speeds without any noticeable problems. I noticed something was wrong 2 hours later when traffic started to clear up.

When I started to accelerate, I noticed that my engine was working harder than it should be when I was only going at 35 mph.

Next morning, I started up my vette, and drove out for test to see if symptom came back. The morning was much cooler and dewy. Vette ran without problems at first, but then after about 10 minutes of test driving the symptoms returned. I could not go any faster than 35 mph and engine was running harder than it should at that speed. I came to stop, and accelerated gently. The transmission shifted normally to 2nd, but did not shift into 3rd as engine revv got higher. Now engagement into 3rd gear was on and off. However, I was never able to achieve overdrive. I tried putting the gear shifter to 3rd and D, but the results were same.

When test drove couple of more times couple of days later, symptoms were same as above. When engine and transmission were cool they work normally, but as soon as it heated up the symptoms returned.

There were times "Service Engine" light came on and off, and I didn't think it was the engine because there were no noticeable problem with the engine itself.


Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, September 16th, 2007 AT 10:52 PM

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