2005 Chevy Cobalt Battery/Car Radio

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2005 Chevy Cobalt Automatic

My car battery died a few days ago while I was out of town. I waited a few days bf I got it jumped bc I was here to visit my friend anyway so she just would drive her car. Anyway today I finally called AAA and they came out tested my battery (it tested fine) then they gave me a jump and it started right up. They told me the let it run for about 20mins.I did 30 just to be sure, then I drove to the gas station a few blocks up from her. The car ran fine and when I cut it off it cut right back on. So the problem you ask. My radio, it won't cut on! My question is, is this something that would happen since it did sit in the hot sun with a dead battery for like 3 days? Or is it something that I should get checked out? Thanks so much in advance!

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Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 AT 12:31 PM

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