2002 Chevrolet Cavalier


Gary Sikorski

February, 11, 2008 AT 6:53 AM

Electrical problem
2002 Chevy Cavalier 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 68000 miles

None of the gauges work on the inst. Panel. Daughter had car jumped and now the gauges don, t work. I have checed all the fuses. Took the alternator out and had it checked. Also replaced the battery and still do not work. Everything else works, the lights on dash the turn signals. What else could I check b/4 I take it to a shop and spend mega bucks.


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April, 3, 2008 AT 8:18 AM

I think I have the same problem. I've got a 2003 Cavalier. I had to disconnect the negative battery terminal one day as I was trying to work on the horn. After I connected the cable, all the gauges stopped working and a bunch of dash lights remained on. I took it to the dealer and they said I need a new instrument cluster. It was too expensive to replace and I also thought there is an easier fix. What did you end up doing? Thanks.



July, 25, 2008 AT 11:30 AM

I have the same problem with my 2003, I just replaced the battery and now the gauges don't work. Wonder why the car guys won't answer us?



August, 6, 2008 AT 7:23 AM

I have the same problem-- I boosted the car yesterday and the gauges stopped working.

What can I do?



February, 16, 2009 AT 10:27 PM

I've been looking on here to see if there is A fix.
If not, GM should recall this problem.



February, 17, 2009 AT 6:44 AM

I should have come back and posted my fix, sorry.

Simply disconnect the battery connectors, and reconnect them again.




March, 25, 2009 AT 11:21 AM

I have a 2002 Cavalier and the instrument cluster did not work after replacing the battery. After reading your response, I was thinking that it would not do any good since I just technically did that by replacing the battery. I was shocked when that was all it was. Seems the unit that controls the cluster has a power-on reset problem. Thanks for the help. I get the feeling the dealer would have charged me at least $100 for the fix and still not fix the real issue with the cluster.



April, 12, 2009 AT 10:40 AM

Had a similar problem on our 2004 Cavalier.
Tried everything all the posts all over the web tried.
Disconnect the battery for 15 mins, while disconnected short the positive and
negative battery leads together (NOT THE BATTERY!),
and pulling the fuses (more on this in a sec)

Here is how I fixed it !

1. Started the car.
Gauges weren't working and nearly all the Instrument lights were on.

2. On the side of the dash is the interior fuse panel l located the 10AMP, little fuse for the
instrument " cluster".

3. Pulled the fuse. And the instrument lights went out. Just like you would expect.

4. Now here I loose track a bit, but.

I believe I turned off the car, and then put the fuse back in place.
I may have had the car running so if off doesn't work then replace the fuse with the car running.

5. Heard some noises like the fuel pump and then restarted the car. Viola - fixed!



May, 20, 2009 AT 7:34 PM

My gauges quit working when I disconnected the battery briefly. I got them to work again by pulling the 10A fuse in the instrument panel fuse box while the car was off and then replacing it.



October, 9, 2010 AT 10:49 AM

After battery change, instrument panel guages no longer work.

Tried disconnecting and reconnecting battery and then pulling and putting back in the instrument panel fuse.

Gauges still don't work.

Any other ideas?



May, 10, 2013 AT 5:01 PM

This seems to be an ancient thread, but I ran across it after I had a similar problem and have solved it, so thought I'd post a reply. I knocked out my instrument cluster when replacing the battery, and pulling the battery leads, holding them together, and whatever didn't work. Pulling and reinstalling the obvious "CLUSTER" fuse didn't help either. Haynes notes two fuses going into the instrument cluster microprocessor -- "CLUSTER" and "CLS/PCM". The latter doesn't seem to exist on my car, BUT I've got a "BCM/CLU".

Long story short. Turned the ignition to "run", pulled the BCM/CLU fuse, put it back in, and everything's alive. Looks like this gives the instrument cluster microprocessor the clean start it so desperately craves.

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