1997 Chevy Cavalier

Engine Mechanical problem
1997 Chevy Cavalier 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

fuel injector leak/repair
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Friday, February 6th, 2009 AT 10:45 AM

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To replace fuel injector O-rings, perform following operations.

Relieve the fuel system pressure as outlined earlier.
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Remove the upper manifold assembly.

CAUTION: To reduce the chance of personal injury, cover the fuel line connections with a shop towel, when disconnecting.
Disconnect the fuel return line retaining bracket nut and move the return line away from the regulator.
Remove the pressure regulator assembly.

WARNING: Do not try to remove the injectors by lifting up on the injector retaining bracket while the injectors are still installed in the in the bracket slots or damage to the bracket and/or injectors could result. Do not attempt to remove the bracket without first removing the pressure regulator.

Remove the injector retainer bracket attaching screws and carefully slide the bracket off to clear the injector slots and regulator.
Detach the injector electrical connectors.
Remove the fuel injector(s), then remove and discard the O-ring seals.

CAUTION: To reduce the risk fire and personal injury, make sure that the lower (small) O-ring of each injector does not remain in the lower manifold. If the O-ring is not removed with the injector, the replacement injector, with new O-rings, will not seat properly in the injector socket and could cause a fuel leak.

Cover the injector sockets to prevent dirt from entering the opening.
Each injector is calibrated with a different flow rate so be sure to replace the injector with the identical part numbers.

Lubricate the new injector O-ring seals with clean engine oil and install on the injector assembly.
Install the injector assembly into the lower manifold injector socket, with the electrical connectors facing inward.
Carefully position the injector retainer bracket so that the injector retaining slots and regulator are aligned with the bracket slots.
Attach the injector electrical connectors.
Install the pressure regulator assembly.
Install the injector retainer bracket retaining screws, coated with thread locking material and tighten to 31 inch lbs. (3.5 Nm).
Install the accelerator cable bracket with the attaching bolts/nuts finger-tight at this time.

WARNING: The accelerator bracket must be aligned with the accelerator cam to prevent cable wear, which could result in cable breakage.

Align the accelerator bracket as follows:
Place a steel rule across the bore of the throttle body, with one end in contact with the accelerator bracket.
Adjust the accelerator bracket to obtain a 25/64 in. (9-11mm) gap between the bracket and the throttle body.
Tighten the top bolt first and tighten all bolts/nuts to 18 ft. Lbs. (25 Nm).
Tighten the fuel filer cap.
Connect the negative battery cable and turn the ignition ON for 2 seconds, OFF for 10 seconds, then ON and check for fuel leaks.
Install the air intake duct.

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