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Recently, I installed a Remanufactured (OEM Specs) 305 cu. In. (5.0L) V-8 Engine (VIN " U", Rochester 2GC " 2-BBL" Carburetor) in a 1977 Chevrolet Caprice Classic.

As is customary with Remanufactured Engines, a reconditioned Intake Manifold is not a part of the deal; and, so, after doing my own " reconditioning & clean-up" of the " original/OEM" Intake Manifold, I installed it on the Remanufactured Engine without incident.

However, after using the car for some time, I'm of the belief that the " original" Intake Manifold might be somewhat " defective" - i.E, it may have a small vacuum leak due to age & metal fatique (300,000 miles) - gauges indicate that.

In an attempt to replace this " defective/original" Intake Manifold, I've found that, outside of a rare chance that an Auto Wrecker has this part in " acceptable" condition, a more probable solution is to order a new applicable Intake Manifold from an Online Reseller.

A problem arises, though, in that, not only are the pickings sparse for an OEM/Stock Intake Manifold to fit my Chevy Small-Block 305 cu. In. V-8 Engine, but many, if not all, require a " 4-Barrel" rather than a " 2-Barrel" carburetor which I would prefer to continue using.

Finally, I'm hoping that this admittedly lengthy explanation of my Intake Manifold " issue" will solicit some response and/or advice from the 2CarPros. Com community that might help me find a suitable (New/OEM/Old) Intake Manifold for my 1977 Chevy Caprice " 305" Engine - 2-BBL, preferably; 4-BBL, if there is no other reasonable alternative.

Thanks for you interest!

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007 AT 4:11 PM

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