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Put the cables on wrong now it wont start the battery is good(i tried it in my wifes car, it started right up)what did I fry?I have lights and all but just a whining when you turn the key to start and the battery level indicator goes all the way down. When I first did it I got it running but when I tried a few days later it wont start

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Thursday, January 18th, 2007 AT 12:52 PM

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First of all what year is your Blazer and what model? S-10 or K-5? It helps to know exactly what vehicle we are talking about at times. Doesn't sound like you fried anything since you have lights and other things going on. Your battery may not have enough juice in it to turn your Blazer over based on the sound you described. You could also have a bad connection to your starter or at the solonoid, a bad solonoid or a bad ground. Check your cables. What I suggest to everyone who feels that they want to work on their own car is that you need some tools. First of all as a car owner you should have in your possession at least a 10 amp battery charger. With a 10 amp charger you will be able to recharge your battery overnight if the battery is still good, no dead cells. This time of year if a battery goes dead in freezing weather the electrolyte (battery acid) in the battery turns to water and will freeze inside the battery cracking the cells inside the battery making for a battery that is now junk. This is one reason car owners should have a battery charger around. I own both a 10 amp and a regular garage type rollaround floor type charger. Money well spent. The other tool I recommend is a Milton type battery testor with load feature. With this tool one only needs to hook up the two cables supplied to the negative and positive posts of the battery. At that point there is a switch for the load feature. Push the switch and you give your battery a 10 second load test and watch the needle on the scale. If it goes completely to the left it will show the battery doesn't pass a load test and will not start a car. At this point you know either your battery is shot or needs a charge. Fully charge it and try again. If it passes the load test after charging it the battery is good to go. Should start any car. Hope my advice helps you out.


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Sunday, February 4th, 2007 AT 4:50 AM

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