4X4 Blazer Power steering squealing


1977 Chevy Blazer - full time 4X4 - 120K miles - Chevy 350ci engine - TH-350 tranny - NP-203 Transfer case.
I recently replaced the harmonic balancer on by 77 blazer. I also replaced the stock crank pulley with a new aftermarket crank pulley. The original pulley was very rusty. The aftermarket pulley required a different drive belt length to the power steering pump. All the belt grooves on the new pulley are of equal height - the original 3-groove pulley had one ring height for the alt, and two smaller diameter rings for the p/s pump and the a/c compressor. I replaced the stock length belt with a longer one that would reasonably reach the p/s pulley. The alt belt length was fine and has no problems. I removed the a/c system a long time ago, so there is no a/c belt on the pulley.
I had no problems before I performed this work, now the power steering pump squeals up a storm whenever I make a tight turn. Sometimes it squeals when turning to back out of my garage - not at the ends of steering travel. Sometimes it doesn't squeal except at the ends of steering travel. Is the p/s belt too loose, too tight, slipping?
What is the correct deflection for this belt when tightened to the correct specs?
I've replaced this PS pump before, and it was working with no problems before I started this work, so I don't belive the pump to be bad. P/S pump model is the old Saginaw pump style of that period.
Thanks for your help with this.

Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, May 28th, 2007 AT 7:48 PM

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