1999 Blazer Wont start

4X4, 140,000 miles, 4.3L, Auto Trans simply did not start yesterday after running just fine for a long time. Turns over, no Check Engine light but feels like the engine is going to fall out of the cavity (sorry aviation terminology).

All the fluids are good so I'm starting with the plugs/cables then possibly the starter/solenoid before I think about a fuel issue. The battery is good and the alternator is about 1-2 years new?

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!
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Thursday, August 30th, 2007 AT 8:10 PM

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Well common no start issues is normally between 1 of 2 things possibly even both those things are no spark or little or no gas reaching the engine. Must play process of elimination.

1: check for spark, pull a spark plug wire from one of the plugs, stick a screwdriver into the end and, while holding the plastic handle, move the screwdriver so that the metal part is close to a piece of bare metal on the engine. Then get someone to crank the engine. If there is good spark you should see a spark jump from the driver to the metal. If not then car has no spark and this is the problem but you still have to figure out why which we would tackle if this is the problem.

2: check for fuel pressure find the location of the gas tank have someone turn the key to the on postion while you lend an ear as close to the gas tank as possible. As the assistant turns the key listen for a buzzing sound if you here it thats your pump if not then the pump is not working.

Now if you have spark and find that the fuel pump is working your next step will be to get a fuel pressure test to see if the fuel injection system is giving you trouble.

This is just a start but may it will help keep us posted with what you come up with.

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Friday, August 31st, 2007 AT 8:24 AM

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