1995 Chevrolet Blazer



June, 24, 2007 AT 2:42 PM

I own a 1995 chevy blazer, 4 door, v6 4.3L 4wd
It has ablut 150 k miles on it.
I returned hame last night, after work and parked the car. Everything seemed to be working fine.
I went out about 45 minutes later to run some errands, and started the vehile up. I noticed that It was making a strange (stranger) noise, like it was laboring or something. I glanced at my guages and noticed that the charge level was only half of the usual, about 7 or eignt volts. I ran a quick errand, returned home, opend the hood and felt the alternator. It was too hot to touch. I load tested the battery, and it was ok. I checked the alternator output at the battery, and it was only about ten volts.
I then checked by dash guage again, and the charge level was nowdown to about 4 volts. I shut the engine off. And, as it was dark, went in for the nignt. This morning, when I tried to start the car, nothing hapened. I disconnected the two wires from the large terminal in the rear of the alternator, and tied them togeather, and taped them so there would be no chance of a short circuit. I was able then to jiump\start the car. (But of course no alternator, so I cant go far). The alternator isn't making any noise, (or laoading down like it was, or making any bearing noise. I put a digital meter on the terminal from which I removed the wires earlier. + On terminal, neg to ground, and read aprox 3 mili volts. Do I need to replace the alternator, or could something else be causing a massive current drain that would cause the alternator to load up like that. I have nothing extra on the vehicle that would draw any electrical current. : ( Thanks for any help in advance


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June, 26, 2007 AT 2:51 AM

I would go with getting a new alternator, Also make sure youre battery is able to hold a full charge as well.

Good Luck.



July, 16, 2007 AT 1:08 PM

I own a 96 blazer 4x4 with around 130k miles, and I recently encountered a similar problem. Started with a funny noise and when returning home it completely died on a busy road. When I tried to restart the car all I got was the clicking of a dead battery. I charged it up with jumper cables and a buddy's car, in hopes to charge it up enough to get home (less than a mile away.) I drove without lights or anything electrical on, except running lights, and managed to make it to my driveway, where it again died. I purchased a new alternator after the original tested weak, and replaced it. I just got the battery not long ago and it is fine. I charged the battery overnight, but the guage was only reading 10 volts. The car started and was idling, but no change in the guage. Could I have a bad regulator, or what? I am somewhat out of options and am missing work due to lack of transportation and am a struggling college student who needs to buy refurbished parts and replace them myself. If you have any suggestions please respond A.S.A.P.

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