Noise in speakers


89 6 cyl auto trans chevy beretta when I bought this car it was filled in the floor boards with water it has a leak some where when it rains it had mold growing in it every where that how bad it was anyway every time I listen to the radio there is a lot of noise comming from the right speaker and if I try to put it on the left speaker it still makes a lot of noise I dont hear it in the left and the volume want work right in the right I have to turn the right speaker balance allmost all the way to the right and turn the volume allmost all the up and if I turn off the radio I can hear noise in it too and when I turn off the car I hear this same noise after the car is turned off it makes a winning noise that fades as it loses power I think it is shorting out the right side oh I allmost forgot I had to put in a 10 amp fuse it calls for a 5amp it would blow the fuse every time if I turned on my wipers or something like that when I have the radio on/hope im not hurting anything by putting in a stronger fuse wher do you think I should start with this problem thanks oh I allmost forgot the rear right wont work right either

Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, August 26th, 2007 AT 9:27 AM

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