Car Idles rough, Misfires and I can't get a reading on the fuel pressure

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The car was losing power while trying to go up hills, then while driving on a generally flat road I heard a sound, almost like air escaping, and the car wouldn't go over 35 MPH. I have since changed the spark plugs, wires, fuel filter, I tried to check the fuel pressure on the schrader valve, but I didn't get a reading. Changing the fuel filter, plugs, and wires helped, but now the engine is just misfiring. When I give the car gas with it not in gear, it starts to cut out, giving it more gas stalls it. I believe it is a problem either with the fuel, or the air intake in the combustion process, but the thing that puzzles me is that the engine runs, but I can't get a reading with a fuel pressure tester, and when I push the schrader valve, with either the engine running or the key in the on position, nothing comes out. The stills runs, but I have no indication of any fuel pressure.
Any ideas on what I should check next?

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Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 AT 8:14 PM

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Scan for codes and check fuelpressure. The shcrader valve your tired if for evap so you won't get a reading there. You may need an adapter for a fule pressure gauge

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Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 AT 8:31 AM

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