Can a dealer take something with out telling me?

  • 4WD
  • 57,000 MILES
I got 2/18/15 the truck mid feb, not even 12 hours getting it I hada bring it back in to get fixed,
the revers light
a check engine light
and a after market alarm that need to come out due to it spazing out every time I went to un lock the suv to get in, turned out the check engine light and the thermostat not working was due to a heating an cooling senor that went bad and needed to be replaced.
on the 23rd of Feb I had a remote car starter put in that was all fine
on the 4th of March my truck wouldn't start at all, I had inter and exterior lights all working I called the dealer and said to bring it in, so I did on the 6th I got it back they said there was lose wires under the truck that must of touched and caused the ignition fuse to short, I took my vehicle home and tried the car starter out to see if it was ok due to the fuse shorting it didn't start with the remote I took it to where I got it installed and they said bring it in the next day and they'll bring it inside and make sure everything was ok, well I did so they came and asked me what was done to the truck I told him he told me that the dealer cut out the remote starter, I called the dealer and they said he didn't even no I had one in,
my question is, is the dealer responsible to replace my car starter or give me the parts back, he said hell figure it out and might give part of the coast to get a new one in, as in 50-80%
Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, March 9th, 2015 AT 1:45 AM

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If a part was replaced and it is a core part like a starter because they can be rebuilt they don't give that part back. The mechanic may have fixed the wire and it ended up being the remote hooked there so that is why it did n't work. A lot of non factory remotes are hooked to the wrong place and wired in poorly and cause problems like you have / had. I hope this explains your question.
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Monday, March 9th, 2015 AT 7:32 AM

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