97 Cad STS Left rear turn signal flashes on parking filament


Fellas I have a beautiful 97 Cadillac STS with 133,000 maintained miles on it- with the NorthStar pusher of course. Well, I've been pulling wires and components from the stop lights to the dashboard trying to locate the cause of this mess. Hard to explain but here goes. The stop lights, turn signals and parking lights work fine on all bulbs EXCEPT the left rear. Those 3 demonic possesed jewels use the parking light filament for all functions. When right turn signal operates, flashes at proper speed and correct filament front and rear. When the left turn signal operates the flashing speed is about double, normal bulb operation on front end. Rear is bearly able to be seen since it's flashing on the wrong filament. Now the rest of the story. IF you have the headlights on forget a left turn signal. Just won't operate, BUT, it will trigger a Traction Control light on the dashboard and of course lock out first gear. I have owned this mystery for 4 years with no accidents or off road adventures so no wiring has been replaced or changed. Just decided one day to act up and hasn't got tired enough to quit yet I guess. I have replaced the headlight switch, turn signal/emergency flasher unit in the steering column, checked all fuses and micro relays, chased all wires from tail to dash and removed the dash gauge cluster to locate wiring problem or parking light relay but LO and BEHOLD! CAdillac put a styrene plastic barrier under the gauge pack so you gotta pull the entire interior front end apart. Called it quits then and there and sat down to write y'all. Not at wits end yet. Close enough a gentle breeze might be enough push to get me there though. You fellas are the best detail oriented mechanics I've read online. Please help me. I figure it's gotta be a short somewhere.I'm ready to run a new wire just for turn signals and brakes to left rear but oh me, where do I tie in at? Got Chilton manual with wiring diagrams- about useless and can't find anything on the net. I've just about scratched my head bald trying to figure out this one. Suggestions my Captains?
Thanks fellas.
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Saturday, April 28th, 2007 AT 9:19 PM

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