1995 Cadillac SLS



December, 7, 2009 AT 6:55 PM

Computer problem
1995 Cadillac SLS V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

I am experiencing numerous failures in the electrical system and have been told by mechanics that they believe the problem is the BCM ( body control module, or PCM module or ECU! Some of the electrical faults are rear stop, tail and brake lights are burning out failing to work then suddenly start working, Windshield wipers won't shut off when I turn them off while driving however if I turn off car and restart they will sequence back to the off position, windshiel washer won't work, electric door locks and trunk release works off and on. My check coolant light turns on everytime I start my car even when the resevoir has been properly filled. My temperature runs at 223 - 230 is this a problem? The other day my traction control disabled light came on! All these things have been happening in the last 30-45 days! Sorry but I don't have any money to donate.

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