2002 Cadillac DTS


Electrical problem
2002 Cadillac DTS V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 148500 miles

2002 cadillac DTS

It seems every time I turn the car on. The automated screen in the dash flashes different cautions and problems the car is having such as. "Service theft system", "speed limited to 90mph", "check engine", and not only does it light up with all of these warnings, but it sporadically disengages my ability to open and close my windows or adjust my mirrors from my drivers side. My radio will also turn on and off while i'm driving. I believe it's an electrical problem, and my battery dies every few days, I hate to keep jump-starting the damn thing, but money's tight and I can't really afford the BS. Anything I can do? (I'm a girl that doesn't mind getting her hands dirty) HELP!

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For starters, I would check that you have no corrosion on your battery cables and connections. Next thing to check, and possible clean, is the large ground cable, at the passenger front corner of the engine compartment. It connects to the body, and runs to a generator mounting bolt. You may even choose to remove it at the body, and remove the paint underneath it. I have seen these break due to corrosion, the car was from a coastal, or other salty environment. I will paste you a bulletin that makes reference to it. It should not be hard to locate, look down at where the generator pulley is, and it is a large, short, black cable.

#02-06-03-007: No Start, No Crank, I/P Lamps Illuminated (Batery, Batteries, Generator, Alternator, Gauges, SES, SIR, Brake, Security, Theft, ABS, Hot, Light, Lamp) DIC Messages (Repair Loose Generator to Engine Mou - (Jul 26, 2002)

Subject: No Start, No Crank, I/P Lamps Illuminated (Battery, Batteries, Generator, Alternator, Gauges, SES, SIR, Brake, Security, Theft, ABS, Hot, Light, Lamp), DIC Messages (Repair Loose Generator to Engine Mounting Bolts and/or Wiring)

Models: 2001- 2002 Cadillac DeVille, Seville

Some customers may comment on one or more of the following conditions:

" Intermittent illumination of one or more of the following Instrument Cluster panel warning lamps.

" SES light

" Generator light

" SIR light

" Brake light

" Security/Theft light

" ABS light

" Hot light

" Gauge readings which seem to be incorrect.

" Erratic RPM display on the tachometer.

" Engine is difficult/hard to start.

" Engine will not crank.

" Check Generator displayed on the Driver Information Center.

" The transmission shifts hard.

" Noise underhood (growl, rattle, hiss, tapping, grinding).

This condition may be caused by the following:

" Loose/missing generator to engine mounting bolts

" Chassis to engine and generator ground mounting bolt loose

" Loose generator wiring connection

Use the following procedure to access the generator for repair of loose mounting bolts and/or wiring:

Place the vehicle in position to be lifted by a hoist.
Remove the rear seat cushion to gain access to the battery.
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Open the hood.

Remove the ground cable attaching bolt from the right front chassis rail.
Raise the vehicle.
Remove the bumper to radiator support close-out panel.

Remove the generator attaching bolt #2.
Remove the ground cable from the vehicle and clean both ends of the cable if there is any indication of corrosion.
Important: Tightening the mounting bolts in an improper sequence may result in a loose ground.

Inspect for missing mounting bolt(s) #1 and #3. Replace them as necessary.
Tighten the generator attaching bolt(s) #1 and #3 to 50 N m(37 lb ft).

Reposition the ground cable to the generator and install the generator attaching bolt #2.
Tighten the #2 generator attaching bolt to 50 N m(37 lb ft).

Position the protective boot of the generator BAT output terminal aside.
Remove the retaining nut from the BAT terminal.
Inspect and clean any corrosion, as required, from the wire terminal to generator terminal interface.
Reinstall the wiring harness to the BAT terminal.
Tighten the BAT terminal retainer to 12.5 N m(111 lb in).

Reposition the BAT terminal protective boot back into proper position.
Reinstall the lower bumper to radiator support close-out panel.
Lower the vehicle.
Reinstall the chassis end of the ground cable into position.
Install the engine ground cable bolt into the chassis retainer.
Tighten the engine ground cable bolt to 50 N m(37 lb ft).

Reconnect the negative battery cable to the battery.
Tighten the battery cable retainer to 17 N m (13 lb ft).

Refer to Corporate Bulletin Number 02-06-03-006 for proper testing procedures of the Battery and Generator.
Reposition the rear seat cushion.
Start the vehicle and observe the Drivers Information Center for messages.
If the tire pressure monitor message is displayed, refer to Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor Programming in SI.
Set the clock to the correct time for the customer.

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