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Engine Performance problem
2003 Cadillac Deville V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 90900 miles

I started with a 85 Seville with the 4100. Then went to a 89 coupe Deville then a 95 Fleetwood which I must say was the best Cadillac I've ever owned. I've had over 10 Cadillac’s in my 29 years on this planet. And have come to the conclusion that if you change the Oil the headlights will stop working. I've probably spent the better half of a year of my life playing under the hood of one of these machines. I finally gave up on them and went to a 2000 Lincoln I loved that car nothing ever happened to it. All you had to-do was change the oil and it went. I sold the Lincoln because I joined the Army and just got out a few months back. Got married. Let wife pick out car. A sea bring. Needless to say my marriage lasted just as long as my army career. She stuck me with the car. A car I never wanted in the first place. The way I see it. If you have to pay for it. It better have a hood ornament to look at. So my first stop was the Lincoln dealer. They didn't want it. I was upside down. I wanted an 03 TC in the worst way but they couldn’t make it happen. So where did I stop off at? The devil drove me right to the place. Bill Heard CADILLAC. I ended up buying a 03 Deville. They took my trade and I owe a little more than its worth like 5K but at least I finally got my hood ornament. Anyway the car had 70K on it when I bought it about 8 months ago. Now has 90K. I've done a full tune-up. New O2 sensors for kicks that always worked in the old ones. New fuel filter. Crank ps2. New coolant reservoir because of the stupid sensor built in! Tires balanced because of vibrations. And when I did the tune-up myself I guess it made the engine have some sort of air leak that cost 700 buck to fix. Anyway enough about that stuff. For once in my life I have what you would call a perfect Cadillac. No noises. No idiot lights. Runs and drives like a dream and I want to keep it that way. So what should I do next? The more I read the more I'm impressed with this car. I guess I didn't buy a P.O.S. I guess Cadillac finally built a decent car. My main concern is this. I read about Ring cleaning. I never did that during my tune up? Do you think it’s necessary…. Will I get more life out of the engine If I have this procedure done? Also about the cooling system. I hear about these pellets? I was gona take it in at 100K for the flush… I haven’t heard anyone say anything about changing the serpentine belt? Shouldn’t that be done and it looks like a Pain in the butt to… And what’s the deal with the alternator being built into the engine? Don’t they go bad anymore? What’s your take? If you were me? What would you do to this car to get another 100K out of it. I’m running fully synthetic oil and dropped the trans pan 10K ago…… I don’t know what it needs? Any help would be greatly appreciated… PS what’s the tire pressure suppost to be. I called Cadillac and the guy told me 38 pounds…. I thought to myself that seems kinda high. Right now I’m running 34 in it. Thanks again all replys welcome I love car chatting. Hit me up at krfworcester@aol. Com thanks again Keith….

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Thursday, January 8th, 2009 AT 9:02 PM

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