1993 Cadillac Deville SSS light stays on in the information

Electrical problem
1993 Cadillac Deville V8 65000 miles

My car was in an accident. And after I had it in the shop to be fixed. The SSS light in the information bar stay's lite. Is it dangerous to drive with the sss light on.
The steering is OK and everything else seems to be OK.

thank you so much
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have the same problem?
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More than likely there is nothing wrong. Your vehicle was originally equipped with active struts, and was serviceable up to a certain year. There has been some obsolescence in parts, and there is a bulletin regarding disabling the system, and installing passive(non-electronic) struts/shocks. You can disable the system, and just leave the shocks in place, the only issue may be where the struts are in state. There could be a situation where one is firm, and the others are soft, or any combination of the above within the four. This may be barely noticeable if at all. The following is a copy of said bulletin, It lists 91-93 deville with CCR, and not SSS, but I assure you, the procedure will disable the light. The module is under the driver seat, accessed from the rear of the driver seat. I don't have a connector end view on hand, let me know and I may be able to conjure up one. After the procedure, I would electrically disconnect all struts, in addition.

#00-03-11-001B: Procedure to Disable Illumination of Service Indicator AFTER Installation of Passive Struts/Shocks - (Nov 25, 2009)

Subject: Procedure to Disable Illumination of Service Indicator AFTER the Installation of Passive Struts/Shocks

Models: 1992-1994 Buick Skylark

1993-1996 Buick Park Avenue

1989-1993 Cadillac Allante

1993-1995 Cadillac Concours

1991-1996 Cadillac Eldorado, Seville

1991-1995 Cadillac DeVille

1991-1995 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight

1992-1993 Oldsmobile Achieva

1994-1999 Pontiac Bonneville

This bulletin is being revised to add models and update the infomation. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 00-03-11-001A (Section 03 - Suspension).

Some owners may bring their vehicles in for service with an illuminated service suspension light. The service suspension indicator lamp is telling the owner that the vehicle is due for strut/shock replacement, a maintenance item. The customer may elect to have passive struts installed in their vehicles due to repair cost savings and/or parts availability. The installation of passive shock/struts will result in handling characteristics which are the equal to a like vehicle without the computer controlled ride, with all other components such as tires, tire pressure, springs, etc. Being equal. The installation of (4) new passive struts will cause the continued illumination of the service suspension indicator. If desired by the customer, the service indicator may be disabled AFTER THE INSTALLATION OF THE (4) NEW PASSIVE STRUTS, using the appropriate service procedure listed below. This bulletin DOES NOT authorize this procedure unless (4) NEW PASSIVE STRUTS WERE INSTALLED ON THE VEHICLE.

The wiring harness going to each strut and or shock assembly should be cut and taped back to clean-up the appearance both under the hood and under the vehicle. In addition, each specific vehicle will require a modification as outlined below.

1989-1992 Allante with Speed Dependent Damping (SDD)
Refer to the Service Manual page 8D-13 (1989) or 8D-14 (1990-1992). On these vehicles, adjust the BCM Override value "BS08". To do this, use the warmer/cooler button on the CCDIC to decrease the BCM override value "BS08" which is displayed when you enter the system by two (2). When the desired number is displayed on the CCDIC, it must be stored by holding the "Elapsed Time" and "Fuel Used" buttons until the new value flashes on and off. When it flashes on and off, the new value has been stored.

1992-1993 Allante, 1993-1996 Eldorado, 1993-1996 Seville, 1993-1995 Concours
These models require installation of a jumper harness connection. Remove the harness connector from the shock during shock replacement. Install the jumper, GM P/N 88961530. Securely tie off the jumper to the harness in order to avoid possible damage while in use. Effective repair requires four (4) jumpers - one for each "corner" of the vehicle.

Important: Do not flash the controller with the electronic shocks connected to the vehicle harness. Controller damage may occur.

Later Delco Electronics controllers must be flashed with Tech 2. Turn the key to the on position, with the engine off. Using the Tech 2, navigate as follows: Diagnostics/ Model Year/ Passenger Car/ Chassis/ Product Line/ CVRSS/ ALC/ Strut Removal Recalibration. Select F0: CVRSS Recalibration. Follow all Tech 2 "on screen" instructions. After performing the Strut Removal Recalibration procedure, cycle the ignition from "on" to "off" and then back to "on". Verify that the ride control warning indicator is no longer illuminated.

1991 Eldorado and Seville with Computer Command Ride (CCR)
Refer to the Service Manual page, 8D-12. Set the BCM override value "BS09" to "0" by using the warmer and cooler buttons. Store this value by pressing the "Econ" button on the Climate Control Panel and the "Instant Econ" button on the Fuel Data/Drivers Information Center for about five seconds. The new value will be stored even though the indicator does not flash. Remove the key from the ignition. Disconnect both battery cables from the battery. When both cables have been disconnected, touch the ends of the cables together and hold for five seconds. This will discharge the capacitors in the system and allow the system to perform properly when the battery cables are reconnected. Advise the customer they will have to reset all radio stations and the clock.

1992 Eldorado and Seville with Speed Sensitive Suspension (SSS)
Refer to the Service Manual page, 8C1-11. Observe and record the IPC override "IS08" displayed value. Use the climate control "cooler" button to decrease the value displayed for "IS08" by "8". To store the new value, press and hold the "ECON" and "FRONT DEFROST" keys until the new value flashes on and off.

1993 Eldorado and Seville with Speed Sensitive Suspension and 4.9L Engine Only
Refer to page 8A-43-6 in the 1992 Eldorado Seville Service Manual.

Cut circuit 1020 (PINK).
Attach the IPC side of circuit 1020 to relay pin 87A.
Attach the module side of circuit 1020 to relay pin 86.
Run a ground wire to relay pin 30.
Run a wire from a switched ignition (hot in Run) source to relay pin 85.

1991-1993 DeVille with Computer Command Ride (CCR)
Refer to the Service Manual, page 8A-43-0. Cut Circuit 1300 (Dark Green wire) at the CCR module (Pin C15) to disable the indicator lamp. Tape the wires back into the harness to prevent shorting to other components.
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