1998 Cadillac Concours 1998 Cadillac Concours engine knocki


Engine Performance problem
1998 Cadillac Concours V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 176000 miles

yesterday i was practicing my manuverablity test but when i packed up and went 2 leave i tried 2 pull out on the road n the engine started knocking after i put in it drive and it had almost no power in the engine and everytime i gassed it it kept boging out. i have no idea what is wrong with it, im hoping its not the transmision but im thinking it is because it acts fine when i have it in park or nuetral. it only does it when its in drive or reverse, and when it is in nuetral or park i can use the gas pedal without the engine knocking or boging out
it also keeps telling me the engine is overheating and i am low on coolant and engine oil but i am not, everytime it says that i check the coolant level and i just changed the oil a couple days ago so i know it still has oil, the coolant is not even steaming when i check it so it is not to hot, let alone overheating
the radio has absolutly no power, it is a theftlock radio but it does not say it is in lock mode or anything, i just simply has no power........help plz!!!!!


Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 AT 10:23 AM

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