Oil leak/ excessive smoke


Hello, I am having trouble finding out why my 98 Catera is dripping motor oil (with a little bit of water mixed) As well as alot white smoke coming from behind the lower section of the engine when idle after 3 min, running/at stops, after being run.

A lot of sludge and grease is seen underneath the car all around the transmission, engine oil pan and just seen everywhere in the bottom section of the car/engine looking from underneath the vehicle.

This is a mystery because I have changed the valve cover gaskets which was in issue before, (but not anymore) since I have changed the worn gaskets, and also cleaned the excess grease around the engine with engine degreaser that was left behind. I also have double checked to see if I may have out the valve cover gaskets on incorrectly and their was no mistake made.

I have also checked to see if the oil filter might have been loose, but no oil was found near it just around the surrounding housing metal areas. I also checked too see if any nuts/bolts had to be tightened on the transmission tray or motor oil tray and their was no signs of these items loose to make this oil spill. What other possibilities could this smoke, oil come from? It is very hard to diagnose because it is very difficult to see behind the engine unless one takes it out. Inspecting underneath dose not work as well because it is coming from above the lower section of the engine, which is not visible to see exactly wear the leak is at but can be seen just traveling and dripping near the trays

last few comments: I have a check engine light on with a bulb and exclamation mark, but no codes related to my other mentioned problems, just a p0501 code about my faulty speed sensor or Abs Tc light(speedometer not working as well), that shows up that's just another issue to fix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Friday, August 13th, 2010 AT 1:25 AM

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