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I have a 1999 buick centry custom. It has about 94,000 miles and its a v6 3.1 liter engine. This morning I started my car and let it warm up about 15 minutes and it was fine. I started driving and about 4-5 miles later my service engine soon light, my abs light and my traction off light comes on. So I pull my car over and restart it. All the lights go off. I then start to drive again and about 4-5 miles later the service engine soon light, the abs light, and the traction off light all come back on. I took my car to auto zone and since the lights went off when he restarted my car there were no error codes. So he could tell me nothing. I dont want to0 take it into the shop untill I have some idea what might be going on. Can anyone help me please.

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007 AT 8:40 AM

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Don; t let anyone fool u. Whenever the chk engine lite came on. Even if it went away. On short trip unless some1 disable the battery or a fuse. There will be a code stored in ur ECM

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2007 AT 4:47 PM

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