'95 Riviera Rear Brake Question


Hello, followed the instructions on this site to replace rear disc brake pads. I have often done fronts with no problem, but this is the first car I've had with rear discs and I was stumped until I became aware of the caliper reset tool I needed. So, thanks!

Anyway, once I borrowed the tool I was done in no time, and everything seems to be working fine. The only problem is that the Parking Brake light on the dash is now on and I can't get it off. I tried enaging and releasing the PB, but no luck. It doesn't seem to be actually gripping the rotor, and I don't hear any scraping of the pads on the rotor when I drive. And when I engage the brake, it seems to work.

Any ideas?

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, May 10th, 2007 AT 2:01 PM

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