1996 Buick Riviera Lack of power/restarting

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Engine Performance problem
1996 Buick Riviera Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I recently bought this car at an auction so I have no history. When you start the car after it sits overnight it will run a few seconds and die, restart agin it will start running right away if you try to give it a little gas it will try to satll agian left of the gas it will idle ok once it runs a few miniute you can drive it ok with no problems. When it warms up I can run the Rpms's up to about 3800 whn you hit 4000 rpm's it will start coughing and trying to die tremendous power loss. You can drive it ok but then when I shut it off and go back to restart after sitting for maybe 30 miniute to an hour it take several minuite just to get it running again, I have un plugged the Map sensor and will not start at all, I also notice that the map sensor's plastic case is cracked on top. I also replace the catyletic converter thinking it was cause this. Any suggestions?

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Sunday, June 28th, 2009 AT 9:05 AM

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