Key sticks in ignition; whirring when turning and other oddi


2001 Regal GS 59 kms, great shape - here's the problem - key is getting stuck in the ignitionand I can't get it outl; also I hear odd whirring sound when I turn in either directionl and traction light and noise come on from time to time when Im on dry pavement and backing up and turning (to get out of parking space) but doesn't happen going straight backward. I have recently gotten new tires ( first time replacing on this car)a new battery; changed oil etc; also had brakes (forget if front or rear) last summer. In sequence first it was traction noise and light; then changed tires- they needed to be; and now have steering whirring on turning;and then today key issue- Of note I did have an oops in the winter - narrowly avoided a head on colission (drunk driver) and ended up in the rough deep snow and brush. Rocking car excessively by a good samaratan (Lexus dealer) and people pushing finally got me out -without a tow truck. I had oil changed; they checked tranmission fluid and did not change - showed it was ok; only damage small scrape on chasis (I was lucky, the drunk driver was killed) no other damagebut they suggested a new battery and showed me it was reading iffy - now all this happens two months later? Please help because I know little about cars, I was previously ripped off by dealer charging me 400+ for a sensor that was under warranty and my dealer did squat including not repairing my onstar gadget after the car was 7 days in their shop- GM Canada was no help whatsoever - so what's wrong in your view and can I avoid a dealer but what kind of car repair do I need and what do I not say to avoid a lot of extras I don't need. Many thanks for the help.

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Tuesday, April 17th, 2007 AT 7:09 PM

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