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I have a 2000 Buick Park Avenue. For the longest time now I have had a nasty vibration at 65+ MPH. We found several bad parts in the car. I also had a accident with the car causing a lot of the front end to be replaced (the vibration was there long before the accident) anyways the car haS:

Two brand new tie rods.
Two front brand new wheel bearings.
Four brand new tires.
And algigned.
10,000 miles ago BRAND NEW pads and rotors.
Brand new front struts.

Now the car still is vibrating QUITE nasty at 65 and above and sometimes even at 55. Sometimes it only happens at 70. It was only in the ride, now you can SEE my hand moving on the steering wheel. Also now when slowing down as well the brake pedal vibrates very badly, and also makes the wheel shake.

and NOW its doing something worse.

It started at slow speeds. Rolling foward. Or turning the car is making this noise in the front end. Not a whine or squeal at all. More like rubber sticking on something and pulling. Like the sound of rubber sticking on a concrete floor as you turn the wheel while not moving. Thats the sound. It happens pretty badly just while rolling foward. But if you turn the wheel this sound is bad and you can FEEL it in the steering wheel. Now its happenin at all speeds. And if your on a road where there is lots of turns or bumps its awful. You can feel it in the steering wheel.

Overall the car doesnt even steer as nice as it used to. When making a left hand or right hand turn there is a slight vibration. And that noise.

Also at 46,000 miles (now has 86) the car had two brand new GM axles put in it.

What do you think all of this is?

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, September 14th, 2006 AT 2:06 AM

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