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I have a 2003 bmw 530i/sport package 55k miles incline 6 engine.I just bought this car last week. The car shakes when I go 60+ mph.I immediately took it to alpine motorworks bmw specialty shop in memphis tn for an inspection 2 which cost 750. They said the shaking was from the worn down bushings and it would be around another 350 to fix.I know NOTHING about cars and noticed there are 3-4 different kinds of bushings for the car all costing around 50 each. And 350 seems like I might be paying much more than I should be. Also they said there were 1 or 2 hoses leaking (transmission fluid I think) and it would cost around another 350 to replace those. 350 for replacing a couple of hoses? Does that sound right to you? I would think for 750 dollars bushings and hoses would be replaced free or at least a hell of a lot cheaper than a 350 estimate for each job. Plus when I brought the car in the mechanic told me I needed new tires asap, so I ordered 4 new tires and had them shipped directly to the shop. They didnt say whether or not that would be an extra charge for installing the tires but im thinking that would be included in the inspection 2 right? Arent they supposed to rotate and balance your tires anyway with the inspection? I saw on their site that they charge 25.00 per tire so im being charged 750 for an inspection 2. Around 350 for replacing bushings.(Not sure if all the bushings are being replaced or what) and another 350 for replacing a couple of hoses. Plus possibly another 100.00 for having my new tires installed. Does this all sound about right to you? I would really appreciate your thoughts if you know anything about bmw repairs thanks a lot and have a great day

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Sunday, April 29th, 2007 AT 8:16 PM

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Can't asset an accurate estimate til u provide their diagnostic result with parts & labor hour estimate.
Rule of thumbs on good shop with no non sense gimmick. If they perform 1 task than customer pay for the hours it took. Anything extra is extra. Same as medical industry.I know I can't talk my mechanic out of doing free work upon good gestures. If it takes em' so much time to diagnostic and they shown reasonable cause and adequate skill to find out a problem that sounds fair to me. Telling a customer whats wrong is the mechanic. We don't have any crystal ball just look at a car and can identify problems all the time. Scan ur work order and email it to me.I'll chk the estimate and diagnostic if it is fair.

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Tuesday, May 1st, 2007 AT 3:36 PM

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