BMW XDrive has odd "torque hesitation"

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2006 BMW 325xi, 13K miles: I inserted a picture of what BMW XDrive is doing. I say all BMW's and not just mine, because both the BMW dealer's "Shop Foreman" AND the BMW South Florida Regional Manager tested this on my car, and on the exact same car that belonged to one of the mechanics while they were driving it.

Basically, in normal cars, when you accelerate, the car makes a smooth forward motion. When you accelerate in mine (from medium acceleration to "flooring it"), the car has 1/2 the pickup it should, ranging from 1/2 second to 2 full seconds, then it all-of-a-sudden does a burst of power and takes off like a shot.

I have had them reset the "Adaptable Module" that adjusts the onboard computer chip. I have had them reload ALL the software in the car. They have done a "basic" inspection of the car, and state that this behavior is normal

They say that this is normal for AWD. I have driven Audi Quattro AWD for 20 years, from 3 Audis of my own to numerous loaners. I have driven Ford AWD vehicles as well. I have never felt this.

My brother drives a 2006 325i, and my mother a 525i, both are RWD, they don't have the pause/burst, so it is not all BMW's, just the ones with XDrive AWD.

I am told that I will have an uphill battle with doing the Lemon Law down here in Florida. I need more info as to what this problem could be, and if it is something that BMW should 1) inform their customers about, and 2) should recall to fix. Is it a fluid coupling? Is it in one of the differentials? Is it the tranny itself? I just need some info that I can use to help my case.

I keep my promises. If you give me good information that I can use to help my case, I will make a donation. If the information ultimately helped me win, I will make a very nice donation. I never received an answer to a question about my Honda Civic, so I am hesitant to donate first. You help, I donate, you have my word!

My email is, for anyone else who experiences this, or might have an idea.

Thank you ahead of time for helping me.

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