BMW 323



August, 7, 2007 AT 6:36 PM

I have a 2000 bmw 323i, 89,000 mile, 6 cil. 2.6 litres. I was wondering if it would be possible to replace my oxygen sensor, thermostat & gasket and oil level sensor myself if I were to buy the parts. Are those parts easy to get to or should I have it done for me. The bmw repair shop notified my of those conditions after taking it in to them to have my camshaft sensor replaced. But before that, I took my car to have it diagnosed at auto zone and none of those readings came up. What should I do? Thanks.



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Dr. Hagerty

August, 10, 2007 AT 12:31 AM

First question re: oxygen sensor, there are two oxygen sensors pre-cat and two post-cat. Which did they say needed replacement and why? Was the check engine light on? Or was this something else? The thermostat comes as a unit with the housing and has no need for a separate gasket as there is an o-ring type seal. The oil level sensor issue is unclear to me. Why are they recommending its replacement? Is there a problem with the sender? As far as doing the work yourself, I have no idea what your skill level is, but I can tell you that if you have any doubts about yourself you would do well to seek out a qualified and trustworthy technician to perform these repairs. Repost if you need more help

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