1997 Audi 2.8L AA4 steering problems

  • 1997 AUDI

Hi my 97 audi a4 has 130,000 on it and run great except for this problem with the steering. It seems some stiff at times so I checked the power steering reservior but that is full with no signs of leaking. Do u think draining/flushing and putting some specific steering fluid in their would help me(my manual said Audi hydraulic fluid No. G002000, where can I get that?). Also I feel some vibration in the steering wheel/from the tires, I can't really tell where its come from and I only feel it when I make a turn and then accelerate if I am just crusing and make a turn I can turn the wheel all the way without vibration. Ive had a tune up recently and the mechanic said my alignment and suspension were all good so what do you think could be causing this vibration. Wheel balance? And lastly to go along with the steering, when I turn the car on and back out of being parked very slowly as I cut the wheel initially while the car is still stationary I hear a little grinding. Do you think my power steering is clogged somewhere and thats why its looks full? If anybody can relate with this or help me out in anyway so I can avoid another high mechanic bill, i'd greatly appreciate it. Nelson(nelmack1221@yahoo. Com)

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Saturday, October 21st, 2006 AT 10:03 PM

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