Coolant expands and runs out of expansion tankl

  • AUDI A6

Have 170k A6 Quattro '95.

Here's the scenario:
Antifreeze level is at maximum mark on expansion tank when starting cold car. Then, after 15 minutes of driving, temp guage shows nromal temp (have had car for 5 years, replaced temperature guage within past 6 months, reads just a tad hotter but maybe half a tick) and I stop the car.

Antifreeze spills out from chock full expansion tank, and then when it's at or just below the minimum line, maybe 5 minutes later, it stops running out.

So I'm putting in a pint to a quart of antifeeze each time I drive my car more than 10 minutes. If I keep it to 10 minutes or less, no problem. This is getting expensive, and pollutes.

Other info - timing belt replaced on time at 160k, about 9 months ago. Did not replace water pump at the time, to save cost, but I wish I had. It, or something near it, is whirring.

Plus, in last 3 months, power steering fluid started to leak, but recent stop leak of 2 weeks ago seems to have curbed that.

I read where timing belt mis-adjustment can cause cololant and oil to go excessively. Oil needs have been about a quart every 1,000 miles since I got car 5 years ago, and I was told that was what took when I got it.

I need this car to go past 200k. It has be good so far, normal repairs, nothing excessive. 3 kids in college and it's too far to walk to work.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 AT 10:23 AM

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