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Hi Im New Her In This Forum,

I own A 99' Audi a6 2.8 liter. 98t miles
I have A Problem With My car the Started for 2 Weeks.
When My Car is hot I Always Have Acclesation hesitates, Missfiring. Idel goes up and down. But no code Service Lite is off. Is Changed Fuelfilter, Cleand the Maf Sensor, Changed Spark Plugs(White so I Think My car running to lean All 6 Spark plugs are White ). After I But New Spark plugs in a runns Fine for a Few Mile The The starts Again so I have to clean the spark plugs again.
How I Can find out What the problem is. Checked already For Vacum Leak But The Looks Fine.

I Hope Somebody Can Help me With my problem.

Sorry About my bad Engl.

Sunday, October 14th, 2007 AT 4:45 PM

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