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November, 12, 2006 AT 7:42 PM

1995 Acrua Integra GSR.180K+ miles!

I love my high mileage Acura so much! It's only been lately that I started having issues with things like my brakes.I went to drive to work on Fri. And noticed my brake pedal almost went to the floor before it would engage the brakes! I parked it and took the bus to work. Then yesterday aft. I noticed a little puddle of liquid on the pavement under my left front tire that looks like it's been there for awhile.I figure that it's brake fluid. I'm taking it in tomorrow to the garage (only about 3 miles down the road) but am wondering if it's safe to even drive it there. Is it a broken brake line? Is it the master cylinder? Can I expect to pay thousands in this repair? Can you give me a ballpark estimate?
Thanks for your help!


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