96 Grand Caravan:left flasher issue, only when headlights on


I have a lighting issue with my 1996 Grand Caravan (133,000 miles and almost as many scratches, 3.3L).

Both turn signals work normally when the headlights are off. However, when the headlight switch is turned on (including turning it to the intermediate/parking light position), several things happen:
1. The left turn signal dash light is on and steady
2. The left turn signal does not flash when operated, but instead clicks at double speed as if the bulb is blown
3. After driving for about a mile, the "turn signal left on" warning chime sounds, and can only be stopped by turning the headlight switch to off for a few seconds.

The headlights otherwise operate normally and switching between high and low beams has no effect on the turn signal issue. The right turn signal operates normally whether headlights are on or off.

I have:
1. Checked the bulbs - all are the correct bulb and all are working.
2. Checked the various headlight/DRL/parking light mini-fuses on the fuse block under the dash and in the power distribution box under the hood - all okay
3. Changed the flasher module

For the past few months, the turn signals had been intermittently cutting out and could be reactivated by a swift kick to the silencer panel over the fuse block. I figured that this meant that the flasher was going bad and would need to be replaced, so when the problem with the headlights started I assumed the two were related - but installing the new flasher didn't fix it (although the turn signals no longer intermittently cut out, so it wasn't a complete waste of $50).

So, as far as I can tell, the vehicle thinks that the left turn signal is on whenever the headlight switch is in anything but the off position. Any ideas what could be causing this, and/or what I should check next?

Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 AT 10:22 PM

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