'95 Lengend L "overheating"


Ok so here's the deal. I drive a '95 Acura Lengend L Coupe, I never remember the engine size but it's a V6. It's got some where around 117k on it.? My heater stopped working then the car said it overheated but it didn't. I took it to what is now my ex-mechanic and they said I need a new radiator cap, new upper and lower hoses. They were of course going to rip money out my rear end for this so I replaced them. At the same time I replace the thermostat. The dang car still overheated so I took the radiator out got cleaned and a new neck put on it. The STILL overheated and now I am 85% sure it is because the stinkin' cooling fans are not coming on until AFTER I shut the car off. The fans will not run AT ALL with the car running but the moment I shut the key off the kick on. So now that I am frustrated as all get out can somebody help me. It would be greatly appreciated if I can get this dang problem fixed so I can have my car back. ?

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, February 22nd, 2007 AT 1:56 AM

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