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July, 27, 2006 AT 2:10 PM

88 astro Van 4.3 v6
It has 90 rear end.
over 200k
I have replaced front pads and rotors.
Replaced rear wheel cyls and shoes (weeks later).
There are groves in the backing plates where the shoe rides. It used to make lots of clunking noisy from rear brakes. Less noise now. Is there suppose to be groves in the backing plate. I have nerver seen this before?

After I replaced the front brakes the car stopped better than it has in a long time. But after a couple weeks it seams that it was not as good. I repaced the rear shoes (with matching the old ones) and I have a good pedal. But when I use them the first part of the braking seams good but the pedal gets hard and seams like it bottoming out. Does the pedal in an astro van not go all the way to the floor.
the pedal seams to stop about 4 inchs from the floor rock hard.
It feels like the rear brakes are not working well.
The car will not lock the brakes.
In gravel I have locked the brakes and you can see the fronts lock but the rear roll over the front tire tracks.


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July, 28, 2006 AT 12:57 AM

Try adjusting the star adjuster in the rear.
I'm assuming you bled the rear brakes.
Could be proportioning valve.

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