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Skye Milo

March, 3, 2010 AT 10:24 PM

2010 Questions for all other cars


I've joined this forum in the hope that people may be able to help me with translating/interpreting terminology.

The terminology is translated from Italian into English by either Italians or Chinese and often they come up with terms which don't even remotely come near the correct terminology. This means that having to translate it into Dutch can be quite a puzzle.

My hope is that is I submit a term or description, people will be able to help out in determining the correct term so I know how and what to translate.

I'm no 'technical barbarian' (overhauled my Ford Falcon 1965 when still a teenager) but sometimes I don't have the remotest idea what I'm looking for.

In this case I have several terms to do with pneumatic/air suspension. I've been looking on the internet but just can't seem to find any drawings.
Here goes:

- pneumatic suspension channel lift bearing
- pneumatic suspension channel additional shaft

The client described the first term as " the bearing (pad) for lifting the pneumatic suspension". It's the 'channel' part of the term that throws me off.

If anybody can help I'd be much obliged!

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