1997 Ram 2500 cummins; no tach, speedo, charging, shifting


Its a 1997 Ram, 3/4 ton, 2wd, 47RE automatic tranny, 3.55 Dana 70 rear end. 104k miles on it. stock under the hood except for the polished turbo, 4" turbo back and air filter upgrade. truck started, ran and drove perfectly (after i replaced the Governor pressure sensor and governor solenoid in the tranny). it ran good for about a week untill the brushes in the generator wore down and begain arcing. the arcing created electrical noise and cause the tranny solenoids to begin operating erractically; in and out of 4th gear and converter lockup while driving. i replaced the brushes, no more electrical noise. alternator was load tested to well over 120amp.

my problem; i turn the key on, No warning lights, or "wait to start" light which indicates Intake heater grid operation. I start the truck, alternator does not charge and voltage stays at 12.7. it used to run at 14.2, verified w/ a DVM. After started, the tachometer does not display RPM's. when driving, the speedo and odometer do not register activity. the automatic transmission only has mechanical operation; Park, Reverse, neutral, 3rd gear or 2nd gear. 1st gear, overdrive/4th and torque converter lockup are unavailable. 1st gear does not operate even if selector is placed in 1st. when selector is placed in 2nd gear is 2nd gear ONLY, will not operate between 1st and 2nd. when selector is placed in Drive gear its 3rd gear only and will not operate automatically between 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

ive been told my PCM/ECU is dead. i went it to Newlogix/ECUdirect.com for a $417 refurbish with a lifetime warranty. got the ECU back the first time and still had the same problems. sent it back under warranty and i just got it back last week. here is a link to the video i took of me taking it directly from the box and plugging it in since i was confident these people could not/did not fix my problem.


im completely baffled since they insist my ECU tests out to be fine. i get voltage to my crank sensor and my throttle position sensor. my in-tank fuel pump/lift pump operates and i can drive the truck. i read oil pressure and coolant temps as the truck runs, the low oil light still operates when the engine is stopped.

any help would be greatly appreciated

kind regards
chris bell

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, April 5th, 2007 AT 2:26 PM

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