92 Coupe Deville idels smooth runs RUFF


1992 Deville 4.9 ran fine until the starter went out.

Changed starter and while at it canged radiator, alternator & a few sensors. Now the car starts & idles ONLY - give it gas and it Backfires - misses and overheats FAST when trying to drive it.

Put a new fuel pump and filter. Didnt help.

Took to shop for comp-diagnotics. They said fuel pump was defective. And replaced it before I could say it had already been done. And of course that wasnt it.

Then said a sensor for mixture was defective, no help

Then said bosch plugs are not what to use and new plugs - no help. Said computer smelled burnt. Used computer - no help.

ordered a new distributor and pick up - didnt work but didnt charge me for it and put mine back in.

Said it had to be timing chain and it was rare but when the chain wasnt bad enough for car to not
start and when a load was put on iit would be bad.

They went to put in a new one and found it wasnt bad.

Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

Car has 115K miles and ran like a top before the starter went out. Had a tendency to over heat on hot days in stop and go traffic so put a new radiator. I try to always update with new parts. Therefore the new alternator and sensors.

Thank you SO MUCH in advance!

Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, May 12th, 2006 AT 1:10 PM

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